Sarah Whelband | The Don’t Panic Package
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The Don’t Panic Package

A crisis is any situation that threatens the integrity or reputation of your company, usually brought on by adverse or negative media attention. The first and foremost goal is protecting your integrity and reputation.

You can never plan for every eventuality but putting a crisis PR plan together will save you time and effort when the unexpected happens – handling it correctly can minimise damage.  Together, we will do the ground work and define and develop systems, processes and briefing information that can be used immediately in the event of a crisis. 

Initial risk assessment meeting with traffic light system identifying potential issues

Preparation of media statements for all potential risks identified

Identification of crisis communications team

Identification of all key audiences and stakeholders to be briefed in light of incident

Designation of roles and responsibilities

Media training (if required – additional cost)

Briefing of crisis communications team when kit complete

Crisis PR survival kit:

Contact log – hierarchy of contact

Media policies and procedures

Contact information sheet

Q&As for each issue

Collateral of up-to-date company material needed, such as profiles, biogs, brochures, etc.

Details of roles and responsibilities

Details of local venues etc in case needed for media briefing

Out of hours contact information

Details of access to website/social media platforms for immediate updates

Media list and contact details of journalists

Briefing on how to manage your reputation following the crisis